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The Citizen Watch Shop - South AfricaThe Citizen Watch Shop - South Africa

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About The Citizen Watch Shop - South Africa's Only Dedicated Citizen Online Retailer

Looking to buy a Citizen watch? The Citizen Watch Shop is proud to be South Africa's only authorised dedicated Citizen watch retailer. We stock the largest Citizen men's and women's watch selection which includes the popular Promaster watch series ( Promaster Sea, Promaster Air and Promaster Land ). At present, Citizen is the largest producer of watches and movements in the world. We are offering a 15% discount on the latest collection of Citizen watches as well as Free express door-door delivery. At present Citizen is currently most renowned for their Eco-Drive movement, which allows the watch to be powered by light as opposed to a standard battery (a solar powered watch in other words). The light enters the watch through the face and charges a rechargeable ecodrive battery, which can hold its charge for many months. This provides the ultimate convenience in a Citizen watch as this means that you will never have to change a battery! As well as the Ecodrive models, the Citizen Watch Shop also offers a large selection of quartz models. Citizen has become well known and hugely respected for being the producer of quality, great looking and reliable watches and has won numerous awards throughout the world - recognising Citizen as one of the leading producers of high quality watches in the world. 

Citizen Watches are one of the world's leading Japanese producers of watches, and in recent years have become the pioneer of some of the most advanced technology in watch making. They are renowned not only for their high quality internal movements, but also for their extra high quality materials and finished used in the production of the Citizen Watch cases. Citizen feature an impressive range of watches including diving watches, pilot, and the classic dress range. Purchase your favourite Citizen watch online from us today and save!